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      In general, there are 4 different types of homes – single-family detached, semi-detached, townhouses and apartments.  But within these categories, there are many different configurations.  These include; 
  • A-frame – So-called because of the appearance of the home
  • Brownstone – 3 or more houses in a row all sharing a “party” wall with their neighbours
  • Bungalow – single story house
  • Cape Cod – a style popular in the Northeastern USA
  • Colonial – traditional style of home
  • Cottage – small country dwelling, very often located on a waterfront lot
  • Craftsman – an American design popular from the 1900’s to the 1930’s
  • Backsplit - multi-level house that appears as a bungalow from the front
  • Frontsplit – multi-level house that appears as a 2 story in front and a bungalow in the back
  • Sidesplit – multi-level house where the different levels are visible from the front
  • Link – houses linked at the foundation but appear to be detached
  • Ranch – single story house, usually with garage
  • Prefab – main structure is prefabricated at another location and then put together on lot
  • Farmhouse – building serving as the main residence on a farm
  • Log Cabin – a house built of unsquared timbers
  • Mansion – very large and expensive house
  • Manufactured – similar to prefab, assembled in factories and then transported to sites of use
  • Mobile Home – Similar to prefab and manufactured, much less expensive to buy and they retain their ability to be easily moved
  • Rowhouse – same as Brownstone
  • Semi – two houses joined together
  • Tent – a lightweight, movable structure
  • Terraced House – identical individual houses that are conjoined into rows
  • Stacked Townhouse – units are stacked on each other and each has direct access from the outside
  • Shack – small, usually rundown, wooden building
  • Victorian – type of house popularized in the Victorian era, often 3 stories high with a tower and extensive details
  • Tudor style – style of architecture produced in England between 1485 and 1603
  • Villa – originally a Roman country house built for the upper class
  • Flat – an apartment, especially one taking up an entire floor of a house
  • Condominium – a form of ownership of an individual apartment and percentage of common areas
  • Co-op – a form of ownership in which a corporation owns the entire building or development and residents own shares in the corporation
  • Garden Apartment – a style characterized by 2 story, semi-detached buildings with each floor being a separate apartment
  • Penthouse – top floor apartment of a multi-story building
  • Loft – type of residence the result of a conversion of a large open space in a factory, warehouse or other commercial building
  • Granny Flat – small apartment either at the back or on the lower floor of the main residence, usually with a separate entrance
  • In-Law Suite – same as Granny Flat above
  • Studio – self-contained unit with one main room, one bathroom and closet space

  • to name a few!!

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