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Selling a House on Your Own

Although the potential rewards that can be gained, saving $4000, $8,000, $12,000 or more (minus your expenses), by not having to pay a brokerage commission, less than 20% of home sellers undertake the task of selling their houses on their own.
Many home owners who consider selling themselves, back off when they see the level of knowledge and commitment that is needed to do an effective job. If you decide, however, that selling yourself is the best option for you, you will find the vast majority of the information on NuDigs to be of value. Be sure to read all the pertinent articles before you decide.
Most of what you will find here will be geared to either doing the job yourself or monitoring the job that your Agent is doing.
The most successful home sellers are those who play an active role in the process, whether it is as a sale by owner or a sale by an Agent.If you decide to sell your home yourself, then being informed, intelligent and knowledgeable about all aspects of the process is key to completing a successful sale.

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