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So you have decided to renovate. We have put together a list of information sheets available to you, courtesy of Canada Mortgage and Housing.

Assessing the Renovation Project Before renovating, it’s important to assess the condition of your home to determine if there are any significant underlying problems that must be addressed before or during your planned renovation project.

Garden Suites
With municipal approval, a garden suite is a self-contained unit, set on relative's property with an existing single family house. This publication provides introductory information on garden suites for seniors or persons with disabilities.

Assessing the Comfort and Safety of Mechanical Systems
The heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a vital part of your home. Ensure that your mechanical systems are operating safely and efficiently.

Before You Start a New Addition
Before building an addition, clearly identify the features you need and inspect the current structure and mechanical systems to be sure they can support the new addition.

Energy Efficient Upgrade – Mechanical Systems
Upgrading the heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) equipment is the best way to create a healthy, comfortable and less expensive home to operate. Before altering these, it is important to understand how the overall performance of the house will be affected.

Energy Efficient Upgrade – The Building Envelope
The envelope, or outer layer, of your house separates living space from the outdoor elements. Improving it can result in a better insulated, more airtight home that is easier to heat.

Flooring Choices
A quick summary of the advantages, considerations, installation, maintenance, and costs to think about when choosing resilient, laminate, and wood flooring, as well as carpet and ceramic tile.

Hiring a Contractor
How do you find the “right” contractor for you? What should go in a contract? What are liens, holdbacks and completion certificates? Make sure you get what you want and pay for when hiring a contractor.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating
Radiant floor heating systems are an increasingly popular heating option for homes, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. These systems can be installed in new or existing homes and feature plastic or metal tubes laid within the floor, which carry hot water and disperse the heat through the floor surface.

Renovating Your Basement – Moisture Problems
Is there condensation on the basement windows? Are there white chalky stains on the foundation? Do the carpets smell musty? Creating a clean, dry and healthy living space is a critical first step.

Renovating Your Basement – Structural Issues
Renovating a basement can add value and extra living space to a home. Fixing foundation problems before renovating is essential to preserve the durability and structure of the house

Renovating Your Bathroom
Bathroom renovations offer the second highest financial payback rate and are one of the most common home improvement projects. Use this fact sheet to check for problems before you renovate.

Renovating Your Kitchen
The kitchen is often the most used room in the house and kitchen renovations typically have the highest financial payback. Conduct a pre-renovation inspection and prioritize the most desirable features for your new kitchen.

Repairing or Replacing Exterior Wall Materials
Exterior finish materials must prevent rain and snow from penetrating the building and causing moisture damage. Repairing or replacing exterior wall finishes will protect and preserve the durability and structure of the home.

Repairing or Replacing Roof Finishes
Regular maintenance and periodic roof inspections will identify problems before they cause costly damage to your home. Learn about the key factors that will determine whether you should repair or replace your roof.

Replacing Your Furnace
This fact sheet provides information for consumers who are replacing their existing furnace with a new one. It deals with fuel choice, furnace selection, and furnace sizing.

Sample Renovation Contract
A detailed written contract between you and the contractor you hire is essential to any renovation or home repair project, no matter its size. Even the smallest job should be put in writing.

The ABC’s of Windows
This document will help consumers understand and select window performance levels with respect to airtightness, rain penetration and wind resistance appropriate for their climatic (and geographical) location and exposure conditions.

Understanding Window Terminology
This factsheet offers helpful guidance on buying the right type of window for your home. Terminology commonly used in the window industry is also presented in this factsheet.

Window and Door Renovations
Do you want more natural light in your living area? Are you concerned about security? Before repairing or replacing windows and doors, consider all of the factors outlined in this fact sheet.

Renovating Your Basement for Livability
Planning on renovating your basement to add living space to your house? Find out about common problems that can be fixed, as part of the renovations, to make your basement a healthy living space.

* Source for all Renovation Information sheets is Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

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