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For your convenience, we have included all of the NUDIGs worksheets and checklists on one page. Just click on a link below and print off as many as you need.

Affordability Worksheet

This worksheet will help you determine how much you can afford for your new home. Use it to calculate the amount of mortgage loan that you may qualify for as well as the price range of homes that you should be looking at.

Budget Worksheet

Use this worksheet to set out family expenses and obligations that are paid monthly. This will help you determine where your money is going and where you can cut back in preparation for your home purchase. Make it a family project!

Home Buyer's Checklist

Print out several copies of this checklist before you go on your house viewing appointments. Use one for each house you look at to keep you organized as well as keep important features along with your likes and dislikes for each property fresh in your mind.

Calculate the Full Cost of Your New Home Purchase

Use this worksheet to determine the full cost of your home purchase. This is a useful exercise to help you set your priorities for upgrades and other home purchases. You can also utilize it to determine the amount needed for your down payment, mortgage payments or other financing options. Use it to plan - before you finalize your buying and borrowing arrangements.

Know Your Builder

There are alot of builders in the new home market. It can get confusing and frustrating. Our "Know Your Builder" worksheet sets out the questions to ask and the information that you need to help you make an informed decision about your new home purchase.

Your Housing Needs and Wants

To help you determine your priorities before you begin the search for your new home, Nudigs has come up with this checklist. Allows you to focus on what is important to have in your home and what you can live without.

Planning Your Move Checklist

Print this handy checklist out and refer to it often in the days and months leading up to your move. It will help keep you organized and on track. Nudigs can help relieve some of your headaches at this stressful time.



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