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Tips to Writing a Great Ad

Whatever type of ad you are writing, whether it is going to be placed in the newspaper or on the Internet, you need a headline that will grab the reader'sattention, a few lines to describe key features of the home, and closing lines that get buyers to call.
Try and remember what motivated you to buy your home and put it in a headline.Some ideas:

  • Gourmet Kitchen and More!
  • Snuggle by the Fire!
  • Solid as a Rock!

Highlight the best features of the property in the body of the ad. Consider your probable buyers. For example, will they have school age children? If the answer is yes, include how far away the schools are. You want to describe the features that would appeal to potential buyers rather than the entire general public. The availability of a loan and a finished basement are examples of features that translate as benefits to the buyer.
Close your ad strongly with a phrase that entices potential buyers to call.
Always give the location of the home. Real estate buyers are interested in specific areas and won't waste time to call if the location is left out.
End the ad by giving the reader a reason to call. Always ask them to do it. For example, Don't let this one get away!!& Nothing like it at this price!

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