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Open House Day - Do's and Don'ts

After preparing your home for showing, an Open House is a great way to kick off your "For Sale By Owner" sales campaign.
You might get lucky and find a buyer through your open house, but try to remember that the main objective on open house day is to inform your neighbours and enlist their help in your sales campaign. Over 50% of homes are bought by friends and relatives of people who already live or work in the neighbourhood. Make sure everyone who attends the open house leaves with a flyer that lists your price and describes the property.
Hold your Open House on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon. Sundays are better and 2 - 5 PM is the best time. Make sure your Open House is not scheduled for a long weekend.

Be sure to have:

  • A guest book available to record the names and addresses of everyone who attends. Make notes and comments so you can make sure that you get back to the people who show interest. This also comes in handy if you lower your price later on.
  • Blank sales contracts in case someone wants to buy. These can be purchased from office supply stores such as Staples, Grand & Toy, etc.
  • Make sure that you have a good supply of your advertising flyers that you have already made up. If you have an advertisement on the internet, ensure that the address is included on the flyers so that potential purchasers can "revisit"the house at a later time.
  • Be prepared to discuss local amenities such as types of schools and location, proximity to shopping, etc.
  • Advertise your open house in the local paper and tell your neighbours. Place directional signs on the streets leading to your home on the morning of your open house and don't forget to put an open house sign on your front lawn.
    Don't go overboard on refreshments; people are here to see the house. A good tip - put out some fresh baked cookies, the aroma fills the house and creates a wonderful atmosphere.
    It may be a good idea to have a relative assist you with the hosting duties. That way if you are busy showing the house to prospective buyers, there is someone else available to assist any other visitors.
    Some innocent questions that you can skip into conversation while you are showing the house;

    • Are you planning on buying in the near future?
    • Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage?
    • Do they perhaps know anyone who may be interested in the home?

    Above all, try to create a comfortable, homey atmosphere and be prepared with all the information you need to answer any questions.

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