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Choosing Colour

      Colour is one of the most important elements in design, choosing the right colours for walls, drapery and surfaces in your home can be overwhelming and frustrating and (if  not done correctly) can lead to costly mistakes. 
      Often, if you have chosen a style, colour choices may be easier. For example, if you have chosen a shabby chic style, often the colours are muted warm pastels such as hazy blues, or earthy pinks. However, most design styles allow for a large colour palette.
      Consider how colours affect your mood. Pay attention when visiting the homes of friends' and family to the colours they have used and how it makes you feel.
      Consider how you will use colour - perhaps you prefer to keep your walls neutral allowing for art, fabric or accessory pieces to make the colour statement. Or do you like neutral, white and sand colours on your furniture allowing your walls to be bold?
      Paying another visit to your closet may help you determine what colours you will use and how you will use them.
      Remember, the goal of interior decoration is to provide a certain "feel" for the room, one that you are comfortable with.  Don’t take choosing colour lightly as it is the canvas for all of the other aspects of your interior decorating project.

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