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      Are you looking to change the colour of a room, buy new furniture, new window treatments or add a new light fixture?  Before you start your home decorating project, there are several things that you need to consider.
      The best way to determine your own personal style with respect to the interior design of your home is to visit your wardrobe. Are you a traditionalist who buys into the longevity of quality or a trend watcher who focuses on current styles, replacing your clothing with each new season? Do you only shop for new clothes every couple of years, but continually buy new accessory pieces that change and enhance your look? Or perhaps you're a no muss, no fuss kind of person who doesn't wear jewellery, allowing your clothes to make a statement all on their own. Do you buy neutral tones or do you prefer to make a splashy statement with colour? Stripes or Florals? Often looking at your wardrobe will help you to determine the style or approach you will take in terms of your home décor.
      Before you head out to shop, we recommend that you spend some time creating a “design story board”. This will involve collecting images of rooms, furniture and styles that you aspire to create as well as samples of fabric, wood finishes, paint colors and tile or carpeting. This exercise is not only fun, but will enable you to build a clearer vision of what your new space is to become and help to explain what your mind's eye sees to the various people and resources you will solicit help from over the course of your project. It is also helpful to bring a picture of other rooms in your home that have been completed to your satisfaction.
      The most successful design projects begin with a "Jumping off" or "Starting point"; meaning, you have a reference point from which to begin your project, whether it's a favourite Persian rug or Aunt Agatha's antique Louis chairs. Contact a bb's location nearest you for help!

Lisa Nicholl
Style Visionary

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