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Choosing Fabric

      Before you set out, take a moment to consider how you will use the fabric. For example, is this a formal room that is not often used, or is this the principal room of the house where family and friends gather on a regular basis? How will you apply this fabric? On a sofa? Occasional chair? Or window treatment? What is the top priority... durability, style or colour?
      Determining these needs will help narrow down the choices. If you are looking for many different fabrics for the project, begin by falling in love with one. Once you have determined what your primary fabric will be it will be easier to make the choice on the secondary and tertiary accent fabrics.
      Fabric is essential part of interior decorating because through decorating with fabric you can make your home feel comfortable and soft. Just imagine there is no fabric in your home. No fabric…, anywhere. Just plain, hard and cold surfaces… Isn’t that scary?
      Your home would feel cold and empty without fabric. Fabric brings warmth and softness into our lives. It is that special part of our home that we truly feel. And we don’t feel it only through our skin. We usually can feel the fabric just by looking at it.


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