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Step by Step Guide to Buying a House

One of the simplest methods of making your home buying process simple, is getting yourself organized. Use this NUDIGS' Step by Step planner to guide you through the steps. You can print it out as a day to day guide. You can also click the links to help you in the associated areas.

House Buying Step by Step

Get informed. A knowledgeable buyer is a smart buyer. Being informed can save you a lot of time and money when dealing with real estate agents, vendors, builders, mortgage lenders, lawyers and whoever else you encounter in the process. NUDIGS can give you information on most areas of the house buying process.

Buying your first home? See the Section on First Time Home Buyers.

Familiarize yourself with what mortgages are all about. Do you need to know more about mortgages? See the section on Financing.

Begin by getting pre-qualified and pre-approved from a Mortgage Lender. Do this first. Your Agent will need your mortgage qualification, and it will significantly strengthen your offer when you find a home.

Get your financial picture in focus as soon as possible. Since it is an important component, be aware of your credit situation.

Work out your Budget. Know how much you can afford, each month, for mortgage, taxes, maintenance and other living expenses. This will put house hunting at a financially practical level.

Find an Agent that you trust. It is important to do this before you go rushing off looking for homes or you may end up with no representation. Thinking about doing it on your own? See the section on buying on your own for hints and tips.

Determine your real Needs and Wants. This will help clarify the type of house you should be considering.

Familiarize yourself with the various Types of Housing available.

Still have a question about a Real Estate term or its definition? See our Real Estate Definitions .

House Hunting Time! First, see the checklist, Needs and Wants. Then, make a scorecard for each house you look at to help you keep track of the properties you've seen using our Buyer Checklist.

Familiarize yourself with How to set a Value on a House. This can save you a great deal of time and helps to avoid disappointment.

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