Selling a House with a Real Estate Professional

      The majority of home sellers use a Real Estate Sales Representative to help them with the sale of their home.  They feel that it is better to utilize a professional in the sale of their largest asset, rather than trying to sell a house themselves. In addition, they feel more comfortable with this option due to the complexities of modern Real Estate transactions as they usually involve legal and financial attributes.
      Some of the other advantages of working with Real Estate Agents:

     Deciding whether to use an Agent or not has a great deal to do with how you feel about the level of your capabilities and the time that you are able to commit.  If you feel confident you can handle all of the details, then you may want to attempt selling your house on your own. If not, you most likely will want to use an Agent and leave the details to them.

How do you choose an Agent who will be effective?

How do you determine if they will do a good job?

A Good Agent must possess a number of specific qualities:

Where to find an Agent
     Ask family, friends and co-workers about Professionals they have used for selling a home, not buying, to get positive (and negative) input.
     Check your local newspapers and homes magazines. An Agent with a number of advertisements most likely has a fairly extensive marketing budget and experience. Be certain, though, that the Agent does not have too many listings to service the sale of your home effectively.

Questions to ask a prospective Agent
     The following questions should be asked of any prospective Real Estate Agent in order to assess their capabilities and philosophies: