Tips on Choosing a Mover

     You are about to move and have to choose a mover. You will be offered a wide variety of services at prices that differ from mover to mover. Some prices will be significantly different from others. To help in the process of making the decision, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. What am I risking by not fully checking out my mover?
    (Hint: All my possessions will be in their care.) 
  2. Will my goods arrive on time, complete and in good condition? 
  3. Is this mover capable of doing the job?
When choosing a mover, it’s important to find out all you can about the company:
  1. Do a reference check with your local Better Business Bureau or the Canadian Association of Movers. 
  2. Has the mover got a street address? Visit it and see if the facility is the kind of space where you would want your furniture stored. Look at their vehicles. 
  3. Ask the mover for references. Remember, you will only get the good ones. Ask for one when there was a problem, and ask the party involved how the problem was resolved. 
  4. Is the price significantly lower than others? Is this because the mover is using shoddy equipment, minimal or sub-standard packing material or untrained personnel? 
  5. Is the deal for cash? If it is, chances are you won’t have to pay GST or PST and the mover is not going to pay them to the government. BUT there is no record of your move and the mover will assume no liability for losses or damage. 
  6. Does the mover have an insurance certificate? If he does, then when you pay for insurance, your goods are insured; if he does not, then…good luck! 
  7. Does he have a Workers’ Compensation Board certificate? If he does, no problem; if not, you may be liable for any injuries incurred by his workers on your premises.